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Another current addiction

Current Addiction

A taste of the upcoming Sons of the Sea album…


A message from Kei Kamara. 

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What are you listening to?

Home Sweet Home


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Because we got Kei, Because we got Kei…

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Sometimes my boys make it look so easy. #SportingKC


Game winner.


Game winner.

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Lots of blood in my mouth today.

It’s a good thing that I am normally working when the rest of the public is out and about, otherwise my tongue would be super sore. Here are a few of the things that had me biting my tongue today.

First a couple that make me hate people…

While looking around CD Tradepost the cutest little girl, not older than 4, comes in with her mom. As they are looking around the girl was asking typical little girl curious questions. “What does this say? Are you buying something? Can you buy me this game?” To which the mother responded various forms of “Quit talking, stop asking questions, and don’t touch me.”

I just wanted to scoop up that little girl and take her home with me because with a mom like that the poor thing has no hope. :(


While waiting in line at Dillons the guy in front of me makes sure to tell everyone that he had “the exact same thing happen to him that happened to Christopher Reeves, and he is still walking.”

I’m willing to bet that if it was the EXACT same thing you wouldn’t be walking you asshat.

But, it wasn’t all bad, sometimes it was funny…

When I dropped off my little, yes he is black, he said, “look at my grandfather over there, doesn’t he look like a monkey. I mean like one of those chimps.”

Oh the things he can get away with saying that I can’t. LOL